Artist CV

A list of current and past projects, installations, commissions and exhibitons with links to relevant pages and websites. I also create work which does not fall within these definitions so please explore the portfolio section of this website.
Exhibits and Activities

Bird Tableau
with Tom Pratt
A sculpture reflecting on homesickness and far future archeology for Colonising Mars, an exhibition commisioned by Fusion Art Meets Science. LINK

Cellular Automata
Mathematically generated patterns knitted into wearable and functional items. Two collections have been created so far. One based on Rule 30 from Wolfram's 1-D cellular automata list and Knitting Life, blending traditional Fair Isle knitting with Conway's Game of Life, a 2D cellular automaton. The aim of this project is to use these patterns for their visual appeal as well as their mathmatical origin.

A growing collection of objects, both practical and sculptural, made by applying mathematical ideas to knitting, crochet, patchwork and other crafts. The collection is available for exhibition and Madeleine is happy to conduct workshops based around these ideas for galleries, museums and science festivals. Most recently seen at the Beauty of Maths exhibition in the National Museum of Scotland during Maths Week Scotland 2022. If you are interested in booking Mathscraft, please contact Madeleine. LINK to Mathscraft page

2019 - The First Footprint
Knitted wall hangings and accessories in celelebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first humans on the Moon.

2018 - Bearded Men & Blue Stockings
Series of knitted wall hangings depicting James Clerk Maxwell, D'arcy Wentworth Thompson, Mary Somerville, Ada Lovelace and other Victorian scientists with Scottish connections.

2018 - Knit the Shoreline
One of six community engagement art projects commissioned by the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Shoreline project.
information page on this site
Edinburgh Shoreline website

2016 -2021 - Cosmonauts & Space Dogs
Series of knitted wall hangings inspired by the Russian space programme of the early 1960s.

2015 – The knitting wheel of fortune
A collection of randomised scarves designed using decisions taken by public with a "wheel of fortune" and several dice at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. The scarves were knitted live during the event on a basic chunky knitting machine and have since been exhibited at Coburg House Open Studios. LINK

2014 – Knitted Neuraminidase
A large scale sculpture of protein molecule commissioned for International Year of Crystallography in Australia by the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (SCANZ) LINK

2013-2017 – Botanica Mathematica (with Julia Collins and Jo Macrae)
A mass-participation textile project on maths of growth
project website

2011-12 – The Mathematician’s Shirts (with Julia Collins)
ASCUS Award textile installation embodying mathematical ideas using distorted shirts
project website

2010 – Attack of the Knitted Tentacles (with Carmen Moran)
Site specific textile interventions in science fiction book store
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2009 & 2021 – Alba ad Astra (with Writers’ Bloc)
photography and alternate history dossier on Scotland’s forgotten space programme
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2008 – Alien Surfaces
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2007– A Bestiary of Authors
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